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Android owners are in for some good news as the Google Search app has been updated, and tucked inside it are some pretty awesome tweaks to Google Now that add quite a bit of usefulness to Google’s personal assistant.

The first feature, and the one that has users the most excited, is the fact that it now remembers where you parked for car. For people who live in a small town, this might sound like a crazy, unnecessary thing to have, but if you’ve ever parked curbside in a major city and carved your way down streets and avenues, you probably know how easy it is to forget where you parked.

The feature uses device sensors to automatically log when you get out of your moving car. Plenty of apps offer similar features, but the difference is that Google Now does it automatically. Of course, this also means it could add a parking card when a user exits a bus or another moving vehicle, which could be a slight annoyance.

When the card shows up in Google Now, you’ll see an indicator showing the approximate location of your car. To see other locations where you’ve recently parked, touch Previous locations. Your location data for parking location cards isn’t shared with anyone else. — Google Search Support

Another useful feature in the update is ability to use offline cards. When a user loses Internet, their cards will be remembered in the app automatically.


Google Now also gets indoor maps for certain malls. Now, when a user searches for these malls, an indoor map of the place will be shown, if it is available. Maps of selected stores are also included.


The last tweaks comes in the form of product search reminders. If you’ve searched for something, and you happen to be near a store that carries it, Google Now will let you know, so you can stop and pick it up if you still need it.

Source: Google Search Support via Search Engine Land

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