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Google is starting to roll out its “Google Now” feature to its Beta browser, for Windows, Mac, and Chrome OS. If you use “Google Now” on your smartphone, ensure you are signed into the browser with your Google account and have notifications turned on on the desktop. After all that, you will then begin to see the notifications begin to pop up on your desktop.

To view your notifications at any time, just right-click on the bell icon at the bottom of your browser. This will then bring up any existing notifications you might have :

These notifications will sync with your phone, so as you dismiss messages on one, they will disappear from the others.

Right now though, the “Google Now” integration with Chrome is only in English. Other languages are coming, according to Google. It should also be stressed that it is only available at the moment for the Beta browser, which means that anyone running the full finished version of Chrome will need to wait a bit longer.

So what kinds of cards are you going to see? Well, as you can see from the screenshot above, it focuses on things like map directions, weather, shipping statuses, travel delays, sports scores, that kind of thing. Many users may like having that kind of information but it is also easy to switch it off, if you find it too annoying or intrusive. Just right-click the bell icon and untick “Google Now”. But if you are already using it on your phone, it’s a safe bet that you will want it on your main computer also.


If you have it on your browser, let us know in the comments what you think of Now being integrated with Chrome. Is it a perfect match or should it stay only on the smartphone?

Source: The Next Web

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