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Google Music Search is a service launched by Google recently and currently available only in the US. It is something which is integrated with the main Google search and helps users discover music in a better way.

When you search for an artist, album, song or lyrics, Google quickly throws up song previews and other relevant artist/band information in the first few results. For the song previews, Google has partnered with sites like Pandora, MySpace, Lala, Rhapsody and Imeem.

google music search

Hence it is about giving music lovers a faster access to their favorite songs and albums instead of having them find their way through the search results.

google music search 2


  • Discover music faster in Google.
  • Get song previews via partner sites.
  • Partner sites include Imeem, MySpace and Pandora.
  • Search by album, song, artist or song lyrics.
  • Currently available in US only.

Check out Google Music Search @

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