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After what seems like forever, Google Music is finally out of beta. The program has been invite-only for some time, but now it is available to everyone. One fear many users had was that Google would charge once the service went public, but it appears as though those fears were groundless, because users can still upload up to 20,000 songs for free.

To sign up to Google Music, simply head to and log in with your Google account. Users will need to download the Google music program on their computer and at the moment, you must be resident in the United States. If a user has an enormous music collection it will take a while to upload, but once it does, users will be ready to listen to all of their favorite music anywhere they want.

In addition to going public, Google has also added a music store on the Android market. Their music store offers more than 13 million tracks. Music can be purchased from a computer or an Android device with the application.

At this point, there is a mobile application available for Android devices running version 2.2 and above. For iOS users, there is still the Google Music web application.

It is clear that Google is taking music extremely seriously, and their efforts with Google Music reflect that. They have even gone as far as landing some exclusive music from artists like Busta Rhymes, The Rolling Stones and Shakira.


Source: Google Music Blog

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