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If you are interested in the Moon or the Apollo landings, you can find and read a lot of Moon-related material online. But Google currently has a wonderful educational tool regarding the Moon that will interest everyone, not only Moon enthusiasts. This tool is called Google Moon.

explore the moon

Google Moon is a free web tool that lets you explore the moon’s surface just like Google Maps lets you view the Earth’s surface. You can see the Moon in three views: Apollo, Visible, and Elevation. The view in the image above is Elevation. You can shift to Apollo to view the landing spots of the Apollo missions.

google earth explore the moon

The Visible view will simply remove the Apollo spots and let you freely explore the Moon’s surface. The maps include dragging features and zoom in/out features. A Charts feature shows Apollo-era geologic and topographic charts for certain areas of the Moon’s surface.


Definitely an educational web service, Google Moon is one of Google’s many interesting projects.


Check out Google Moon @

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