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Google has just released an update to Android’s Maps Navigation which makes it possible to re-route to avoid traffic congestion, enabling users to get to where they’re going with less hassle. The free Google Maps Application received the update in the last few days, making it possible for Android users to avoid traffic jams in America and much of Europe.

Google Navigation used to calculate the shortest route and alternate routes, by allowing the user to choose side roads instead of highways. The inclusion of traffic data will allow Google Navigation to choose alternate routes around traffic problems and to help the user to more accurately decide which route will be fastest overall.

Traffic data is gathered in real time and collated to anticipate future traffic problems. Google claims it will always try to find you the fastest route to wherever you’re going, in order to save you time and fuel.

The new functionality is automatically included, so simply start the Navigation Use Google Maps Navigation For Turn-By-Turn GPS [Android] Use Google Maps Navigation For Turn-By-Turn GPS [Android] Read More application as normal or enter navigation via the Google Maps How Does Google Maps Work? How Does Google Maps Work? Google Maps is used by millions of people every day and you might be one of them, but how does it actually work and how does Google maintain its accuracy so well? Read More application. Set your destination and Google will try to find you the best route.


It’s also possible to add traffic information to Google Maps via a layer (not to be confused with Layars Layar - A Versatile Augmented Reality For iPhone & Android Layar - A Versatile Augmented Reality For iPhone & Android Read More ). To do this, click on the layers button in the top right corner and choose traffic. This will overlay traffic data onto your maps whenever you’re browsing Google Maps “” not just when you’re using it for navigation.

Source: TechCrunch

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