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A lot of you probably use Google Maps to find your way around, and some of the stuff Maps is capable of doing is pretty amazing. But it’s now gotten even better after Google gave Maps a huge amount of UK transport information for you to look up for your journey. Never again will you be stuck wondering when the next bus or train is going to arrive, whether you are in London, Manchester, or some remote mountain village in the Highlands of Scotland.

Google Maps Gets Injected With A Massive Dose Of UK Transport Data & Other Vital Stats googlemaps

Traffic information has been getting added to Maps for years, but now Google has provided a big update. This covers every bus, tram, tube, coach, train and ferry in the UK, across 17,000 routes. Google Maps now has the schedules from the bus company National Express, and has joined up with Traveline.

According to the Google Maps blog, other information has also been added to Maps. In Vancouver, Canada, Vancouverites can get real-time updates on bus information.  In Chicago, Cubs fans can now travel to and from Wrigley Field, with real-time bus information.

Google Maps Gets Injected With A Massive Dose Of UK Transport Data & Other Vital Stats MapsTransit InfographicSplit 1

And what is a rather timely update, Maps has also included transit information for every host city in Brazil, in time for the World Cup next month.

So from now on, it might be a good idea to check Google Maps when planning your next trip.

Source: Google Maps via The Next Web | Image Attribution: Google Maps Blog

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  1. Joanna Lamont
    May 17, 2014 at 10:53 pm

    This is not real-time information. Google is simply taking what is already on the web as timetables and brochures and incorporating it into their map. Nothing new and it certainly isn't telling me 'exactly' when my bus is coming.