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The latest release of Google Maps for Android makes it easier for you to navigate on the go. This tiny update is looking at your search experience as one whole experience, rather than separate searches you do in each different device. So, with this release all your searches – whether they are on the desktop at home or on the mobile – will get synced. You just have to log in and enable your web history.

If you are signed into Google Maps for Android and your web history is enabled, all your searches on Google Maps are synced in one place. As you type in another search query, in the search box on your Android device, Google Maps will display suggestions for directions and locations that you’ve previously searched for. You can also click through to the “Search” or “Directions” tab under My Places and see the complete list of your search history and directions history.

As in previous versions, you can quickly access directions to presets like Home and Work by simply typing “home” or “work” in the search field on your mobile device.

This may be a tiny update in the general scheme of things, but when you are on the go it is a huge time-saver.

Source: Google Lat Long


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