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Non-profit organizations have been placed front and center with their inclusion in Google’s Knowledge Graph. Google has been making tiny improvements to Knowledge Graph Google Goes Back To What It's Good At & Revamps Search With Google Knowledge Graph [Updates] Google Goes Back To What It's Good At & Revamps Search With Google Knowledge Graph [Updates] Remember Google, the search provider? With all that's been going on other fronts, it’s sometimes possible to forget what lies at the source of this huge company. Apparently, Google hasn’t forgotten, and after quite a... Read More ever since it was introduced last year, and this latest change will make it easier for you to select a non-profit organization from the many out there and decide which one to donate to. You no longer have to rummage through an organization’s website to find the necessary information.

From now on, when you type in the name of an organization in Google’s search box, more details about it will come up on the right, without you having to click anything. Apart from a brief profile, you’ll also find the organization’s Tax ID and the Tax Deductibility Code. You’ll also get instant access to the non-profit’s last update from Google+, and you can click through and start following the organization from here. The Knowledge Graph also serves as a launch pad for finding related charities, which are mentioned under People also search for.

If you own or work for such an organization, it’s important to not that at the moment this seems to only work for organizations with a Google+ page. Google says it’s working to bring many more of the organizations into our search experience, but it’s not clear if a Google+ page will always remain mandatory.

What do you think of this new addition? Will it truly be helpful, or is it yet another way for Google to promote itself and Google+?

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