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Google has rolled out their Google+ local app for iPhone. The app, formerly known as Google Places, has Zagat and voice search integrated into the app. Voice search works as you would expect it to. You simply say what you are looking for, and Google will display a list of places in your area that match your search. You can use broader search terms like “pizza restaurant” to see a list of pizza places or narrow terms such as the name of a specific place.

Once the app shows you the search results, you can narrow them down by distance, rating, price and operating hours. This helps you find exactly what you are looking for in the application.

Of course, there is plenty of social integration. Just like the initial Google+ Local launch on desktop Google Launches Google+ Local - A Hint Of Zagat & Lots Of Friends [Updates] Google Launches Google+ Local - A Hint Of Zagat & Lots Of Friends [Updates] Google+ has another brand new feature and this time it is heavily emphasizing matters of a local nature. The new feature is aptly named Google+ Local. It is designed to help you find and share... Read More , you can view ratings from your friends to help you find exactly what you want. Obviously, the best recommendations come from the people you trust, and the Google+ Local app has that (provided your friends actually use Google+).

In addition to ratings from your friends, you can also view Zagat ratings when available. This helps you decide where to go based on the opinions of professionals.

This app is a massive improvement from Google Places, and it’s another great way to find things in your area with your iPhone.


Source: Cnet

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