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In a nice development for photo sharing enthusiasts, Google has launched Views, a photo-sharing hub that, unlike any other, is all about sharing 360 degree panoramas or photo spheres as Google calls them. Before you start to wonder at the complexity of composing 360 degree shots, it is probably already possible on your Android phone (in case you forgot). Photo spheres was one of the improvements on Android 4.2 — a direct face-off with the iPhone’s Panorama mode.

The Views community hub hopes to be the catchment spot for all the panoramic captures you take with your Android (version 4.2 or higher), your Nexus devices, or the new Nexus 7 tablet. You can even submit panoramas made with your DSLR camera. Photo spheres need to be geo-tagged so that they can be discovered on Google Maps.

Photo spheres were earlier shared on Google Plus and some third-party sites like Enjoy Breathtaking Panoramic Views With [Android] Enjoy Breathtaking Panoramic Views With [Android] When the Google Nexus 4 first came out, one of the nicest new features it introduced was Photo Spheres. These are immersive 360-degree panoramas you can take with the phone's camera app, no extra gear... Read More . Views just brings the shares closer to Google Maps and alongside Street Views. Along with Street Views, the photo spheres should give you the immersive experience of any location before you set a physical foot there. You can sign into Views with a Google+ sign-in and upload your photo spheres from the desktop or directly from the phone (tap Share and then select Google Maps). All pre-existing photo spheres attached to your Google+ profile will also automatically be collated on your Views page.

If you haven’t tried your hand at making a photo sphere before, the short video above should show you how. Google also has a help page that tells you how to shoot a photo sphere with a DSLR. So, how about spinning around and showing what’s there all around your corner of the world!

Source: Google Lat Long


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