Google Launches New Google Bar For All Services – Try It Before Everyone Else [News]

2011 12 02 09h17 46   Google Launches New Google Bar For All Services   Try It Before Everyone Else [News]Google is like a mean lean upgrading machine. A day never passes without us hearing about some kind of update from Google. This time it’s the Google bar. The Google bar is that black, think toolbar you can see on top of every Google page you’re on. This includes Google search, Gmail, Google+, Google Reader, etc. This bar keeps changing, bit by bit – sometimes a link is added or removed, sometimes a word turns into an icon – many times we don’t even notice the changes.

But this time, Google decided it’s time for a big change. In the next few days, you will notice that the black bar is gone, and instead of a getting a new bar, all the bar’s components will be integrated into the already existing grey search bar. This includes a Google navigation menu on the left side:

new google bar   Google Launches New Google Bar For All Services   Try It Before Everyone Else [News]

And the usual account settings and notifications links on the right:

new goole bar 1   Google Launches New Google Bar For All Services   Try It Before Everyone Else [News]

The new bar provides a much easier and quicker way to access all of Google’s services. To start, there are many more of them included in the new dropdown menu. It also makes the services much more visible and easy to find. The best part about it is the room it saves. The black toolbar is completely gone, and all it’s components are now sitting in a space that was used up anyway. This also helps all of Google’s services look the same, since the bar never changes when you switch between services.

If you can’t see the bar yet, and you simply cannot wait several days to see what it’s all about, you can use a simple cookie hack to get it. You’d need a cookie editor for your browser, such as Edit This Cookie for Chrome or Cookies Manager+ for Firefox. Install the add-on and head over to Right click anywhere on the page and choose to edit cookies. Fine the “PREF” cookie, delete its current value field and instead, paste in:


edit cookies   Google Launches New Google Bar For All Services   Try It Before Everyone Else [News]

Thank you, +Maximilian Majewski, for this tip. Let us know what you think of the new Google bar!

Source: Official Google Blog

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How long does it take ?
They announced this 4 days ago and we still don’t see it.
Why do they do these announcements if they are not delivering ?

I’m just mad because i HATE the black bar and can’t wait to get rid of it.


I’m not sure why they announced it before they actually roll it out. But anyway, if you can’t wait, just try editing the cookie as described in the post, and get the new look now!


Worked like a charm

Kyle MacDonald

Love the new look.


Is this safe to do?


I did it myself and nothing bad happened. It’s just editing a cookie, you can always put it back the way it was before if you wish. Just keep the old value somewhere.


horribile black thing – take it away


I found an easier way here –


Thanks! Personally, I would rather change a cookie than use code, but it’s a valid method. Have you tried it?


I hate it. How can it be removed.


Just clear your cookies, buddy! But once its official nothing can be done  :(

Oscar Shrimpton

wont work


Are you using Google apps by any chance? I found that it doesn’t work for Google apps accounts.

Oh well, we’ll all have it soon enough. :)


nothing happens :S


Like I asked Oscar, are you using Google apps?

I found a solution:
Open and press shift+ctrl+J for chrome, or shift+ctrl+k for firefox.. i Tab “CONSOLE” paste next code
hit enter, refresh page (f5). that’s all. :)



edit this cookie keeps crashing when I replace the value :(


Thanks, I will give that one a try

Also worth noting, I am using Chrome Canary, so maybe that is why the “Edit this Cookie” one did not work ?


Interesting, I didn’t have this problem. Maybe the other suggested add-on will work. Keep us updated!

Rowan Sims

I’m using chrome and nothing changed. Where am I supposed to see this new drop down menu?


I found that Gmail doesn’t always change, but you should see the change in, Google Reader, etc.


I recommend to use a “Cookies” app for chrome:



Dhruv Sangvikar

Thanks for this :) btw..will clearing the cookies revert me to the older black bar?


Sorry, answer got lost in the void somewhere. Clearing cookies should bring it back, you might have found out by now. :)


Perfection…used it for and   Great!!!!


Why is ‘calendar’ all the way down on the second tier drop-down menu? Users should have the ability to rearrange the menu modules. 


I agree, calendar should should be more accessible. I am currently exploring ways to rearrange the items on the new Google bar. I will will post an article if I find something useful. Stay tuned. :)

sabaris krishna