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One thing about Google which different than most huge companies, is the way most people trust them. The recent launch of Google Good To Know is another step in the same direction – Google trying to make everything more transparent and getting users less scared and more secure about their privacy.

Good To Know is a new online guide which deals with various topics, from general online safety issues to specific ways Google and other websites use your data, and tips on how to better manage it. On the online safety side, these include information about malware, phishing, family and shopping safety on the web. You can also find detailed explanation about how Google uses your private data in ads and in many Google services such as Google+, YouTube, Gmail and more.


There’s a lot of information on the site itself, and many links which lead to already existing support pages on Google’s different product pages. There’s a lot to learn about how Google and websites in general use our data, and whether this information is new to you or not, it’s nice to have one comprehensive source in which you can easily find any piece on information you’re looking for. For example, you can easily find what exactly happens when you click the +1 button, or when you let Google Maps use your current location.

What do you think of Good To Know? Does it help you trust Google with your private information?

Source: Official Google Blog


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