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Imagine you are moving around in a place where you haven’t been before. What could be the next best thing to chatting to a local? It could be having your Android with Google’s new Field Trip app installed. Field Trip is your personal ‘tour guide’. It works unobtrusively in the background – senses your location, and offers information with pop-up notifications on local history, best places to eat, the local music scene, shops, or just places to have fun.

You could call it a hyper-local discovery tool that pops up with information about the place you are probably standing on. Field Trip is an interesting launch from Google because it gives annoying notifications a fresh twist. You can of course, select the information you would like it to display and give it access to your location data.

The Android app could help to cancel out the strangeness of visiting a new place. On the other hand it could help you discover familiar neighborhoods in entirely new ways. According to the app’s site, the information is collated from different sources like Thrillist, Food Network, Zagat, and Eater for eating joints; Sunset, Cool Hunting, WeHeart, Inhabitat, and Remodelista for shopping; Atlas Obscura and Daily Secret for local trivia; Songkick and Flavorpill for music.

Field Trip is U.S. only so far and if you are there, you can download it from the Google Play Store. An iOS app is expected soon. Take it for a spin.

Source: Field Trip


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