Google+ Is Now Available On The iPad & iPod Touch [News]

ipad 1   Google+ Is Now Available On The iPad & iPod Touch [News]Google+ finally works on the iPad and iPod touch in app form. When the app first launched on the Apple App Store, users of these devices were not able to even download the program, let alone use it on the device. Now with the magic of an update, Apple has remedied the situation and allowed iPad and iPod Touch users full access to the program.

However, this is not a true iPad version of the Google+ client since all this really does is allow iPad users to download the app. It just makes it a zoomed in version of the iPhone app. It also does not support landscape, which is pretty disappointing. I guess this is better than not being able to use Google+ at all on the device, but it would nice to see Google take theĀ initiativeĀ and make a true iPad version.

iPhone users will be happy with the “stability improvements”, notifications being added to circles and huddle settings that this update provides.

It is good to see that Google has at least acknowledged that a market exists on the iPad and that users on there want access to Google+. Let’s just hope Google doesn’t take as long to get their full native iPad app out as Facebook.

zoomed   Google+ Is Now Available On The iPad & iPod Touch [News]

unzoom   Google+ Is Now Available On The iPad & iPod Touch [News]

Source : ReadWriteWeb

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