Google Introduces Unified Cloud Storage: 15GB For Google Drive, Gmail, & Google+ Photos [Updates]

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It’s becoming apparent that cloud storage is the new standard these days, and Google recently recognized a need to help users keep their files in a unified space. With that in mind, Google announced on Monday that it is now offering 15GB of free storage across three of its most-used services: Google Drive, Gmail, and Google+ Photos. Google Apps users will receive 30GB across the three services.

Google’s new move merges the existing 10GB of storage for Gmail and 5GB for Google Drive and Google+ Photos, so users can file things away across the board. Although it appears unchanged for now, Google will soon update the Google Drive storage page so users can see how they are using their space with a pie chart.

Users will get 15GB free, but can upgrade with plans starting at $4.99 a month for 100GB. Google also made note that users will no longer be limited to a 25GB upgrade in Gmail – any storage upgrades will serve as an upgrade for Gmail as well.

These changes will roll out over the next couple of weeks. There’s been no mention of a staged plan or phasing system, but it appears that users will not have much trouble adjusting.

It’s expected that this change will help users who don’t necessarily use all their storage for certain services. For instance, you may only be using 2GB on your Gmail account, but might be struggling for space for your photos. The change should help in situations such as this.

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Do you think this is a good move by Google? Will you make use of the unified storage?

Sources: Official Gmail Blog, Official Google Enterprise Blog

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Sonesh Lakhani




15GB is not that big cloud. ;-)

Rajaa Chowdhury

At-least better than the standard 5GB that most Cloud Storage provides. :) Besides human desire is infinite, when we’ll get 50GB, then also we’ll say it is not enough. :P


Koshy George

This is Awesome.


Rajaa Chowdhury

This is awesome news and the best part is it is now a common storage to the three most popular Google services, which practically anyone who has to do anything with computers, use.



Smart way to ensure users can get the most out of the storage they have. 15GB is not bad at all. I remember trying GMail Drive out of curiousity rather than necessity once.



I do think that 15GB is not much for everything…



I think this is a way to get people to keep their photos on Google+. Have seen people discuss alternative services to store photos as they started to run of their (free) space.



I have always used Google Drive and never really used Dropbox. However, I just bought the Samsung Galaxy S4 and was given 50GB free from Dropbox just because I bought the phone. I must say that they have my business for a while now.

Ioan Maxim

Actually the “sponsored” storing space from Samsung (about 48 GB) expires after 2 years. Check your Dropbox account space settings(“get more space”) and see more details about it.


Ali Khan

I am using MediaFire which gives upto 50 GB of free storage. Will consider about using google drive in future.


Charles Miller

You should take a look at Copy, a new cloud storage app. Copy lets you sync with any folder, even external hardrives. 15gb right out of the box and 5gb for using this link;


Phuc Ngoc

And that includes GMail and Photos as well.



That is great. I can’t wait until it takes effect. Mine still shows 5GB.


… will be in weeks ;) we all know Google’s “weeks”. Will probably be months :(


Dheeraj Thedijje

I have already 5Gb storage in my Existing Gmail ID but i am not able to see those 15GB in
will i get 10 GB more on this account or should i get new account for this?

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