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In a feature eerily reminiscent of Facebook’s Restricted Groups, Google+ has introduced “restricted communities”, where organizations can have public or private conversations on Google’s social network, without fear of anyone unauthorized from the outside poking in and listening. You can if you want to however, also invite people from outside the organization to come into the conversation as guests.

The Google announcement states :

Once a community is created, you’ll be able to share files from Google Drive as well as videos, events and photos. Community owners can easily change settings, manage membership or invite other team members to join and jump into the conversation.

It’s worth noting that you need to be a Google Apps user, in order to be considered an “organization”. Anyone using a normal free Google account cannot start a restricted community and is recommended to start a Google+ Community instead. This is in stark contrast to Facebook Groups, where anyone can start a group at any level of privacy, from completely open to completely closed.

Let us know in the comments what you think about this new feature. Do you think companies will trust Google with their innermost confidential business information? Or is Google living a fantasy?  If you own a company, would you set up something like this?


Google Official Enterprise Blog | Image Credit: Timothy J Carroll via Flickr

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