Google Integrates Google+ Profiles Into Google Play Reviews [Updates]

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One of the great things to come from the world of apps is user reviews. Sure, users have been able to review products forever, but with apps, it has become one of the main methods by which the merits of an app are judged. And now, user reviews on Google Play are getting a little more personal with a new update from Google. With this update, users’ reviews are now linked to their Google Plus account.

So what does linking Google Play and Google+ actually do? Basically, when a user leaves a review for an app, his or her real name will be displayed along with their profile picture. This might sound like an insignificant thing, but it could actually change the mindset of the person leaving the review a great deal.

No longer are reviewers hidden behind random usernames. Instead, their real name (or at least the name they used to sign up for Google Plus) and picture is displayed along with any review they leave. Now it’s not WebsterRJH (my username), but Dave LeClair leaving the review. Just like anything I put out on MakeUseOf, it’s linked back to me. I am not some faceless reviewer bashing an app; I am me. Although, old reviews will simply appear as written by “A Google User”.

Hopefully, this change should make reviews on Google Play more credible for readers. In theory, it should create a marketplace filled with more honest reviewers leaving their real thoughts on an app, instead of just trolls leaving bad reviews because they think it’s funny.

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Only time will tell how this update changes Google Play, but it could be a big deal. Going forward, could we see other app stores implement something similar? What do you think? Do you not like having your real name attached to reviews? Let us know in the comments!

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Vampie C.

I personally think this is a good thing. Like said in the article, I hope the trolls stay away now. Because some trolls don’t understand the app. :-(
That’s why they troll.


Tug Ricks

I’m all for disclosure and honesty in this case. If you want to critique someone’s work, be willing to stand by your comments.

Dave LeClair

Good point, that’s what Google is going for, let’s hope it works.


Austen Gause

i think its a cool feature its like what youtube is doing now


android underground

This is a stupid idea.
Not everybody wants a Google+ profile, not everyone wants to link their name to their reviews of Angry Birds, GayDateDroid, RemberYourPills, or Binge Drink Counter.
This will just flood Google+ with fake accounts.

If the AA has an app they’ll get no more reviews.

Every psychologist and market researcher knows that honesty requires anonymity.


android underground

Will Google also stick names and pictures of minors to their reviews? In that case most Angry Birds reviews would violate the laws of most countries.



This just shows how out of touch Google are dont they think people will have fake gmaill accounts as you can link more than one account to your play store. Another stupid idea bought to you by Google.


Mac Witty

In the best of all worlds, yes
Do we want employers to know what games we play? Do a manager want the employees to know it? Do not think so.


Christopher Miliotti

I love it and hate it. I personally dont want my real name used but it will hopefully cut down on all the nonsense

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