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Using Google Insights you can compare and visualize search term’s popularity across geographic regions, categories, and time frames. In a way it is quite similar to what you get on Google Trends Google Trends : Buzz-Meter for Topics on the Web Google Trends : Buzz-Meter for Topics on the Web Read More but a lot more comprehensive. You can think of it as Google Trends Part 2.

The data can be easily filtered by a variety of factors such as time, location and categories. To get a better idea about the whole thing check out the popularity comparison for following search terms: oil prices vs. electric car, call of duty 2 vs. battlefield 2142 or yankees vs. red sox.

check out what the world is searching for


  • Compare search keyword popularity across regions, categories, and time frames.
  • Filter obtained data by region, time period and category.
  • The result are presented with easy to grasp charts and maps.
  • Export and download data in .CSV format.
  • Also see related news headlines.
  • For more information on how you can make use of Google Insights go here.

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