Google Improves Travel And Voice Features On Google Now [Updates]

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Google has dropped a huge update for Google Now and Google Search on Android that adds a ton of new features. The bulk of the update are features aimed to benefit users who are traveling. If you are heading out to see the world, Google Now can tell you the weather of your destination. Knowing whether you need shorts and t-shirt or a jacket and mittens is important when planning a trip, and Google Now has you covered.

Google Now also automatically pulls up your boarding pass, so you can move through line with no delay. Once you get to where you are going, Google Now will show you cool things to do in the area, websites to help you find activities, and other cool stuff. It takes Google Now, which was already an awesome feature, and makes it even better. These new features are added to Google Now’s existing travel features such as currency conversion, translation, and flight status.

Google also improved the voice functions of Google Now. Users can now find out the name of a song by simply saying “What’s this song” as well as finding product information by saying “Scan this barcode.” Users can even post updates to Google+ using only their voice through Google Now.

Many of these new features also apply to Google’s Search app, but the automatic features require an Android device running Android 4.1 or newer and Google Now. This is definitely a great update to one of the cooler services offered on Android, and it should make owners of newer devices rather happy.

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Junil Maharjan

great features but still some are limited to USA only.

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