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Google is working hard on their Docs platform. Just recently, they rolled out a huge update Google Apps Adds Ability To Check Gmail, Docs & Calendar Offline [News] Google Apps Adds Ability To Check Gmail, Docs & Calendar Offline [News] I think at this point we can all agree that the infamous cloud is not going away. That being said, the cloud does have some disadvantages, and the most glaring of these is when you... Read More to almost all of their Docs programs. Now, they are continuing to move forward with a nice update to Presentations. The major change in the new update is the way users collaborate on a project. They added a chat, a color marker for each users changes, and a history of all revisions. This is huge for people who use Presentations to work remotely, as they can more easily work with their co-workers from afar.

In all, Google claims there are over fifty new features in the new version of Presentations. They added transitions between slides, which is a feature users have begged for. They also give users the ability to add drawings, rich data and flowcharts into presentations. Google also added a slew of new themes and animations to make Presentations a much richer experience.

Some users will already have the new presentation, but if you do not, you can enable it manually. Simply click the gear box on the top of the Docs screen, then click “document settings“, next click “editing” and lastly click the checkbox to “create new presentations using the latest version of the presentation editor“.

The one catch here is that older browsers are not supported, so make sure you have your browsers updated to the latest version so you don’t miss out on any of the exciting new features.


Source: TheNextWeb

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