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Almost everyone uses Google Image Search to find pictures, and while it does the job well, there are a few quirks that makes image searching bloated and slower. For example, downloading the full size image in Google Image Search is slow, forcing you to go to the source website and click on the full image. If you want to search and download several pictures, you have to go in and out of the search page and the website. This is where too many features take away the joy of finding stuff.

interface for google image

Google Image Ripper is a simple website that makes image searching much more fun. The minimalist layout displays images in thumbnails with a ready download link for each one available, so you do not have to leave the search page to download the image. It also implements a light box script so that you can view your search results like a slideshow.

Google Image Ripper will also allow you to filter pictures with Safe mode, search for different sizes, and show the images’ URLs. Google Image Ripper still uses Google’s search algorithm, so you will have the same results shown to you what Google Image Search will show, only in a much cleaner format.


  • Simple alternative to Google Image Search.
  • Download images directly from the search results page.
  • View images as slideshow.
  • Fast searching does not sacrifice important features.
  • Similar Tools: TeleportD, PicsLikeThat, Tiltomo.

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