Google Helps You Keep Your New-Year Resolutions With A New Interactive Resolution Map [Updates]

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Happy new year! Do you have a new-year resolution yet? If you’re looking for ways to make sure you’ll achieve it, Google is here to help. As part of its end-of-year Zeitgeist 2012 project, Google has now launched an interactive new-year resolution map. Each colorful dot on the map represents a resolution someone in the world has made, and you can read those resolutions in their original language and in a translation.

Unlike many other Google services, you don’t have to sign up or use Google+ in order to add your own new-year resolution. All you have to do is write your resolution for 2013, fill in your postal code and your country, and if you want, also choose a category. After hitting submit, your resolution will appear on the map after 24-48 hours, which hints at some kind of moderation – a logical step considering there’s no sign-up.

There aren’t too many resolutions on the map at the moment, but more are probably added all the time. Using the menu on the right, you can filter resolutions by category, and choose which language they’re translated to. You can have the resolutions translated to any language supported my Google Translate, so you can read them in your native language.

While the map itself feels very polished, the resolutions themselves, or rather, their translations, are very simple and human, so don’t be surprised when you see things like “I go to yoga” or “living with my boyfriend”. It’s all part of the fun!

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Google have also collected a whole lot of useful tools for keeping track of your goals and making your resolutions a reality.

What’s your new year resolution for 2013?

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Adam Campbell

This looks pretty awesome


Humza Aamir

Such a brilliant piece of work. Great to see so many resolutions, some of them I’d be considering for myself :-)


Nancy Messieh

Pretty interesting to see that ‘Love’ seems to be the most common category used for resolutions.

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