Google Helps You Find the Perfect Recipe for Anything
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Google has upgraded the Google app to help you find the perfect recipe for anything. Google has always been good at surfacing the best recipes, but now it will help you narrow down the options before you burrow too deep down a particular rabbithole. Even if you’re not cooking rabbit.

The web is a wonderful resource most of us take for granted. I’m old enough to remember a time when you had to work hard to find the answer to simple questions. Finding out which movies an actor had been in, or what the population of New York was would require some serious research. Now, you just type something into Google and get the answer delivered within seconds.

When it comes to helping you find recipes, Google has taken giant leaps forward in recent years. And with its latest update to the Google app, it should be easier than ever to find the right recipe for the dish you’re looking to make. Whether it’s a lasagne or a curry.

Narrowing Down the Options

The key to this new approach is narrowing down the various options. This includes the ingredients, the variety of dish, the flavors, and even the cooking method. Each of which will be presented in the form of a “carousel of tappable suggestions”.

As an example, if you search for chicken wings you’ll then be asked to select from “honey,” “buffalo,” “sweet,” or “sticky” to name just a few. Once you click on “honey,” you’ll be asked to select from “honey,” “honey mustard,” or “honey garlic” to name just a few. The recipes being surfaced will change as you narrow the field of your search.

Narrowing the field of your search in this way ensures Google can deliver the most relevant recipes for your specific needs. Which, given the millions of recipes for anything and everything available online these days, is an absolute must. Especially when you have guests due in a matter of hours.

Trashing Your Old Cookbooks

It’s probably no coincidence that Google has released this update just in time for Super Bowl LI on Sunday. However, you may be reading this after the New England Patriots have already won. Thankfully, this feature isn’t going to suddenly disappear, so you can still throw all of your old cookbooks in the trash.

Do you use Google to find recipes? Have you had good experiences doing so? Or bad experiences? Are there any particular websites you trust? Or do you literally follow the first recipe you come across? Please let us know in the comments below!

Image Credit: Ruth Hartnup via Flickr

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