Get Your Google Back On Windows 8 With A New Dedicated Website [Updates]

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Google has launched a new page aimed entirely at Windows 8 users. They’ve given it the appropriate name “Get Your Google Back”, and its purpose is to help new Windows 8 users install Google products which are obviously not present by default.

Get Your Google Back includes two new products for Windows 8: a Google Search app and Google Chrome, both designed for the Windows 8 “Modern UI” (previously known as Metro). It’s a super-simple page that leads you through the process of adding the Google Search and Google Chrome tiles to your Windows 8 start page. Both apps have been designed to work with touch-screen, and bring all the familiar Google features to your Windows 8 desktop.

While installing two apps can’t be that hard, Google is making sure you won’t switch to Internet Explorer by accident when you upgrade to Windows 8. The Google Search app is also designed to stand out on the Windows 8 start screen, with Google Doodles appearing right on the tile, and all the familiar Google features such as voice search, image search and Google Instant.

Coupled with a video that’s decidedly cute, Google is definitely aware of the humorous side of It makes getting your Google back so easy that you probably won’t resist doing it.

Did you install these Google apps on Windows 8? Did this page help you do so?

Source: Google Blog

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