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Back in May, Google launched a live broadcasting tool called Hangouts on Air for Google+ users worldwide, which can be used by aspiring artists, celebrities, speakers, concerned citizens, and just about anyone looking for live audience. To enhance the sound quality of live hangouts, Google announced on Monday a new audio feature called Studio Mode for Hangouts.

Studio Mode enhances the sound quality of live concerts and other presentations, making the audio sound richer and clearer. Studio Mode can be turned on under the Hangouts on Air settings during the setup. And so how good is the sound quality? Well, judge for yourself in the demo below.

Live hangout concerts have been held by singer/songwriters and bands like Daria Musk and +Suite 709, and celebrities including Conan O’Brien, Tyra Banks, and Deepak Chopra.

Anyone with a Google account and audio and visual capturing equipment can use Google Hangouts and Hangouts On Air. The difference between the two is the former is for audio and video conferencing between up to ten invited members, while the latter can be watched by thousands of users.


To setup Hangouts on Air, simply enable the feature when you start a regular Hangout. A title is required for the Air presentation, and the contents of the broadcast must be legally your own or be fully licensed to you. You can choose to have the video broadcast both on your Google+ stream and your YouTube channel.

To enable the Studio Mode for Hangouts, click on the Settings in Hangouts after you’re logged into the broadcast.

Source: Engadget

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