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Google+ Hangouts have recently announced they will allow everyday users to be able to share hangouts to a live audience and to save their Hangout sessions as a YouTube video to be shared later. The feature is called Hangouts On Air, which has been available to selected users for a while, but is only now being released for general use. The ability to use Hangouts On Air will be rolling out to everyone over the next few weeks.

To use Hangouts On Air you set up a Hangout as per normal, add up to 9 friends to the hangout and check the “Enable Hangouts On Air” button to go live with your hangout. All users in the Hangout will see the “On Air” banner so that they know it is public.

Your live broadcast Hangout On Air can be shared via your Google+ stream, your YouTube channel or your website. While you’re broadcasting, you’ll be able to see how many viewers you have watching. Check out this video on Google+ Hangouts On Air to see how it works.

As well as being able to share your Hangout live on air, the new features allow you to save the Hangout to YouTube for sharing with an even wider audience. Here’s a video example of a Google+ Hangout in progress.

Users of the service so far have used Hangouts On Air to conduct cooking shows, game shows, concerts, live chats with celebrities, family chats and more. As you can see, this will herald the beginning of many live Hangout stations by professionals, semi-professionals, amateurs and groups. Families will be able to record Hangouts to share with other family members who weren’t able to be there.

What will you use Hangouts On Air for?

Source: Google Blog

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