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Google+ Hangouts On Air users (which you will become if you join the official MakeUseOf Hangout Invitation: Join a MakeUseOf Hangout Invitation: Join a MakeUseOf Hangout MakeUseOf wants to hear from you! We poll you, we ask you, we anticipate your comments, we encourage conversations on Twitter and Facebook, we let you peek behind the scenes on Pinterest, we appreciate your... Read More on Friday) will soon find that a few highly-requested features have been added to the service.

As part of the update, users will now be able to start a live broadcast immediately without having to refresh, access recordings on YouTube right after a Hangout On Air session, and rewind live broadcasts. Another perk of the update is that mobile devices will now support higher quality video with a noticeably improved appearance.

When you visit a page with a Hangout On Air — be it Events or YouTube — the broadcast will begin as soon as the show starts. In the past, users had to refresh the page, so this will make the whole process much more convenient. Creators will also be able to access these broadcasts on YouTube immediately after a broadcast, saving considerable time and hassle.

The most beneficial update is likely the ability to rewind live broadcasts. If you’ve missed some of an On Air session, you’ll be able to rewind the entire program to go back and watch whatever you have missed. As for the mobile improvements, Google has not specified exactly how the image is improved on the technical side, but apparently there will be a much clearer picture.

As a note, users may experience a delay in starting a Hangout On Air now that these features have been added. This is merely so that Google can load all of the necessities to make these features available.


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Sources: Google via TheNextWeb

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