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Do you like listening to music with friends, or watch videos together? If so, you’ve probably taken advantage of the YouTube option in Google+ Hangouts. But guess what? This YouTube integration just got even better, with the addition of YouTube Playlists.

Now, when you add the YouTube app to your hangout, you can start searching for and adding multiple YouTube videos, thus creating a video playlist which you and your friends can watch and enjoy together. Each participant can search for and add videos to the playlist, and also remove videos from the playlist and change the order of the videos.

When everyone is done creating the playlist, you should supposedly have a perfect playlist, created by all the Hangout’s participants. If someone keeps adding an unwanted video, or keeps re-playing an especially annoying one, you can hand him a reprimand. You can also hand out the famous Hangout props as rewards for the best curators.

Since these playlist take a lot of work to curate, you might want to save them or share them with others. This is also possible: you can share the Hangout playlist with your Google+ circles, or save it to your YouTube account as a private or public playlist for later viewing or listening.

So let the fun begin! What do you think of this new Hangouts feature?

Source: Official YouTube Blog

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