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The Google Green Zeitgeist is another project by Google that shows some of the top-trending environmental searches in the year 2011. Users can explore popular trends, create their own scrapbooks and share them with others.

google green

To make your own environment scrapbook, hover your mouse over the different questions that have already been placed in the scrapbook and drag the best answer into the middle circle. Once you select the answer, you will see that the most searched result for that specific answer will be displayed. It will also display any related videos uploaded on YouTube about that specific topic.

Once you have completed all the boxes, you can personalize the scrapbook with your first name and share it with your friends and family over the Internet using a private URL.


  • Check top trending environmental searches.
  • Share environmental knowledge with people – things that people are not aware of.
  • Great for eco-friendly people.
  • Free scrapbook and great search results.

Check out Google Green Scrapbook @

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