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Since Google is the largest and one of the most powerful internet companies in the world, it is no surprise that governments of different countries ask Google to provide information about its users or remove content from any of the Google services.

In an effort to provide transparency about the nature of these government filtering requests, Google put up Government Requests, a Google Maps mashup that shows data of requests made by various countries from July 1, 2009 until December 31, 2009.

government filtering

Google Government Requests displays a map of the world with corresponding number icons laid over countries that represents the total number of requests that government has made. You can switch views between data requests and removal requests. To show further information about the nature of the removal requests made by that country, you can click on its corresponding number icon or you can simply select that country from the list.

The website also shows the percentage of the removal requests that were fully or partially complied with. However the progress for compliance on data requests is not available due to its complicated nature, although Google states that they plan to make them available in the future.

government filtering



  • View information about requests made by government agencies on Google.
  • Switch between data requests view and removal requests view.
  • Shows the percentage of removal requests that were fully or partially complied with.
  • Shows which Google services are targeted for the removal requests.
  • Similar Tools: DataMasher.

Check out Google Government Requests @

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