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Recently, Google has launched a new site – Good to Know – which contains useful tips that can help users make their stay on the Internet secure. The website has different sections including how to stay safe online, how to keep your data safe on different websites you visit, your data on Google services and how to manage the data you share online. Surprisingly, you will come across many tips which you may not think are important but they are.

tips from google

One useful tip it provides is that it gives users detailed information about certain technical online terms like cookies, malware, phishing and a few other terms in a way which is understandable by every Internet user.

You can even get tips which can help users generate strong passwords and how to protect their data stored on different online websites.


  • Get tons of useful tips to stay online.
  • Get information about technical Internet terms.
  • Generate strong passwords.
  • Get tips on how manage data on different services.

Check out Google Good to Know @


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