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Making the international leap of taking your online business to other countries can be a costly move. Before you make that move, it would be wise to find out which markets have the demand for what you are offering. Google Global Market Finder helps you determine exactly that.

demand for your products services

Google Global Market Finder is a web tool from Google that helps you see which geographical locations are searching the most for a particular set of keywords. This means that you can enter the name of your product/service and discover which country has the most demand for it.

You start by entering your origin country, location, and keywords. The results are populated and a map is displayed that represents the concentration of searches – a darker shade of blue indicates more searches.

where is the demand

Detailed statistics such as local monthly searches, suggested bids for online ads, and a competition level are also provided next to the map. These statistics are broken down country-wise.


demand for your product

From the map and figures you can quickly determine which parts of the globe need what you are offering the most. You can then use an ad service like Google AdWords to market your services and products in that country via online advertisements – something that will get you new customers and increase your revenue.


  • A user friendly web service.
  • Lets you find where the demand for a particular product/service is the most.
  • Find out where the most searches for particular keywords is coming from.
  • Results are represented on a map.
  • Provided details include local monthly searches, suggested bids for online ads, and a competition level.
  • A highly useful tool if you are thinking of placing international online ads.

Check out Google Global Market Finder @

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