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Google Street View is covering a lot of ground. Quite literally, as a recent major update has doubled its worldwide street view coverage. The Google Lat Long blog says that it has updated Street View with 250,000 miles of roads around the world. Now, you can traverse panoramic views of roads and streets around the world from your computer or mobile device before you drive through them.

It’s not mere roads as the routes cut across some of the more famous sights in the world. You can launch Google Maps and virtually visit places like Catherine Palace and Ferapontov monastery in Russia, the Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall in Taiwan, or Stanley Park in Vancouver. You can even cut through the urban jungle of Singapore’s Fort Canning Park, without bumping into other people, all from the comfort of your chair.

The Google blog gives an idea of the tremendous feat:

We’re increasing Street View coverage in Macau, Singapore, Sweden, the U.S., Thailand, Taiwan, Italy, Great Britain, Denmark, Norway and Canada. And we’re launching special collections in South Africa, Japan, Spain, France, Brazil and Mexico, among others.

In the end, it’s not only about a virtual stroll. With this update, Google Street View and Google Maps have become more powerful planning tools for the person who intends to go from Point A to Point B.

Source: Google Lat Long


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