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A little over a week after its I/O Developers Conference held in San Francisco, Google rolls out a bevy of new features for its Google+ iOS app. The update is the last part of 43 new features Google has released for Google+ across its various platforms.

The new iOS app includes better photo enhancements and highlighting, integrated hashtags, enhanced comments, and more control over profile editing. In addition, the update allows users to copy a post’s permalink to their device’s clipboard.

Since there are no significant UI changes to the Google+ app, the upgrades may not be readily visible. Along with the existing auto photo upload and backup features of the app, the latest release now includes Auto Enhance, which if enabled, will make instant adjustments to the brightness, saturation and contrast of photos uploaded to a user’s Google+ account. Auto enhanced photos will have a magic wand icon in the corner. You can also manually apply the enhancements, if you wish.

The upgrade also includes what Google calls “Auto Awesome” features, including a motion effect which converts a series of photos shot in succession into a short repeating animation.

In addition, you can now change the profile photo and fields of your Google+ account through the mobile app, plus upload a new cover photo for your profile page. App users can now edit comments, add strikethroughs in text, and copy a post’s permalink from within their feed.


For fans of Google+, these upgrades make the app more enticing to use, though navigating the app’s features could be confusing for at first. Let us know what you think of the new upgrades.

Source: iTunes via TechCrunch

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