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Web developers view each website critically. They observe various page elements, the fonts being one of them. If a font catches a developer’s eye, it is not always easy for them to obtain it. Google has now taken steps to help website developers obtain the fonts they like on Google. It is called Google Font Directory.

Google Font Directory is a new service currently in its beta stage. Under an open source license, the site provides visitors with all the fonts available via the Google Font API, enabling anyone to easily embed custom fonts on any website.

custom fonts on website

The homepage lists all root fonts. With each root font entry we can view the font developer’s name and how many variants the font has. By clicking on a font we are taken to a page where we can view its exact license, its download size, and a section with various tabs. The tabs include specimens of the font, its variants, the complete character set, description, and finally the code which can be used to embed the font to our website.

custom fonts on website

custom fonts on website


  • Implementation custom fonts on your website made easy.
  • Provides developers with many good looking fonts and their variants.
  • Contains detailed information on the available fonts.
  • The embeddable code for each is provided.
  • Similar tools: @Font-Face Generator, WhatTheFont, MyFontBook, Typekit and FontBurner.

Check out Google Font Directory @

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  1. Locutus
    June 21, 2010 at 3:45 am

    You can read some instructions on how to download them here: (I wrote that, FYI, in case you were wondering.) They're really great for making logos and banners!!