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Google+ finally comes to the iPad, and it’s full of surprises. The new Google+ app is not just for iPads, though; all iOS users can enjoy some significant upgrades to the Google+ experience. So what new features can you expect in Google+ 3.0?

If you’re using an iPad, you’ll be glad to hear that Google+ for iPad is as slick and responsive as you’ve imagined. Your stream is made up of six squares per screen, each square representing a Google+ post your friends made. This is nothing new, but here’s where the fun begins: pinch a post to expand it and add comments, and then pinch it back into the stream. Drag any post with two fingers to the sharing box to share it on your own stream. You can also start a hangout right from your device, and then stream it to your TV using AirPlay.

Speaking of hangouts, all iOS users can start a hangout from their device, and invite up to 9 people. You can have their iPhone ring when a hangout starts so they know when to join. Another new Google+ feature is events Google Adds Events To Google+ With Automatic Image Upload In Real Time [Updates] Google Adds Events To Google+ With Automatic Image Upload In Real Time [Updates] Up until recently, Google+ was missing the all-important events feature but, Google being Google, it’s now here and it’s nothing like what we know from Facebook. Google+ Events are not merely meant to help you... Read More , which was only recently added. This iOS update brings events to iPhones (but apparently not to iPads), and you can create, manage and interact with events right from your device.

Two things you should be aware of: as of this moment, the Google+ app only appears under iPhone apps when searching for it in the app store. It is nonetheless the updated version and is meant for the iPad as well. You should also note that the app comes with instant upload enabled by default, which means any new photos you take will be automatically uploaded to a private Google+ album. If you’re not interested, make sure to disable it.


What do you think of the new Google+ app?

Source: Official Google Blog

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