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Google search results can be overwhelming so what better way to refine them than seeing what your friends recommend. Google +Like is a browser extension that puts a Facebook Like button next to every Google search result so you can see what your friends liked.

The extension works on Internet Explorer, Chrome as well as Firefox and lets you filter good search results from crappy ones. If you click on the Like button next to any result, it will be posted to your Facebook profile so other users can also benefit from it. The tool is based on the Crossrider framework and works seamlessly within your browser window.

facebook likes google


  • Get a Facebook Like button in your Google search results.
  • See what your friends like and refine results.
  • Like a result to post it on your Facebook profile.
  • Works as an extension on major web browsers.

Download Google +Like @

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  1. Ben D
    May 20, 2011 at 1:33 pm

     This is another brilliant tool I had no idea existed. Hopefully it works without messing up my current toolbar setup, definitely handy to know if you are looking for services. Sorts out the disreputable and blow in impostors.