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If you thought that Google had no plans to enter the eBooks arena, you were mistaken. Countless Internet users download free and paid eBooks of all categories. Now Google, too, has entered the eBooks market with its latest venture that has been entitled Google eBookstore.

ebook store google

Google eBookstore is Google’s online store from where you can get more than 3 million eBooks. From novels to textbooks, self-help books to cookbooks, the eBook categories cover anything. The best part is that many of the available eBooks are free to download.

On the eBookstore’s homepage you will first see a “best of the free” section where you can get the top free eBooks. Other notable book sections include “Great debut novels” and “Award winners”. You can also look for books by entering a keyword and specifying the genre/category in the search field located in the top right.

google ebook store

Search results are displayed as thumbnail images under which you can see the book’s title and author name.

When you click on a search result or book title, you are taken to its page that includes details such as rating, reviews, and related books.

You can use the blue box in the top right to read the eBook, in case it is free.

The “Read now” option opens up the eBook within your browser in the eBookstore’s own interface.

Going with the “Read on your device” option will enable you to download the eBook for your eBook reader, phone, or computer in EPUB or PDF file format.


Visit the Google eBookstore @

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