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Google just made it much easier to escape the clutches of the Apple ecosystem by switching to Android. Of course, you’ll then be buried deep within Google’s own ecosystem, but making it easier to switch between the two (and back again) can only be a good thing for consumers.

Apple has engineered everything so that once you enter into its ecosystem, you’re not getting out without a fight What It Would Take for This Apple Fan to Switch to Android What It Would Take for This Apple Fan to Switch to Android There's a reason I'm using an iPhone instead of an Android. Here's what could make me switch. Read More . This makes perfect sense from Apple’s perspective, ensuring a steady stream of income for years to come. However, it’s not so good for consumers who value choice above all else.

Apple already has an app on Google Play called Move to iOS, which makes moving from Android to iOS exceedingly easy. And now Google has hit back by adding a “Backup” option to Google Drive. This Backup option is detailed on Google’s Switch to Android website.

If you’re an iOS user it lets you back your important data up to Google Drive on iOS. This includes your contacts, calendar events, photos and videos. If you then ditch iOS and switch to Android instead, you can access all of that data by simply signing into your Google account.

Not Perfect, But Better Than Nothing

This isn’t a perfect solution by any stretch of the imagination. For starters, you’ll still lose your SMS text and iMessage messages, and your music collection. Google also warns that these backups can take several hours, so you’ll need to keep it plugged in and receiving a solid internet connection for the duration.

However, regardless of its shortcomings this is surely still better than being locked into an ecosystem long after you’ve grown tired of it.


People on both sides of the Android vs. iOS debate Apple vs. Android: Buy the Ecosystem, Not the Gadget Apple vs. Android: Buy the Ecosystem, Not the Gadget You love your Android phone and want to buy a tablet. Everyone tells you the iPad is the best tablet, and it really is the best; but you should still buy an Android tablet. Read More should welcome Google’s new effort. Just as they should welcome Apple’s own Move to iOS Android app. Because it’s only when switching between Android and iOS is as simple and seamless as it can possibly be that we will all win. And by “we” I mean consumers, who are the people that actually matter.

Have you ever switched from iOS to Android or vice versa? How did you manage it? Were you able to move your data from one to the other? Or did you lose something in the process? What do you think of Google’s new solution? Please let us know in the comments below!

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