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Google Earth has had a major update, adding 100,000 tours and 1 million photos to its tour guide. For the normal user, it’s just so many more places he or she can virtually sightsee, yet we can also say Google Earth has become more potent as a trip planning aid.  Google Earth announced on its Google+ account the major update to the Tour Guide for desktop, iOS and Android platforms.

The Tour Guide on Google Earth automatically takes you to (or ‘flies’ you to) interesting places around the world, even if you don’t deliberately search for them. Just click on one of the thumbnails on the Tour Guide panel. The new tours of popular spots cover nearly 200 countries. Google Earth has also enhanced existing tours on the Tour Guide.

To put it in perspective, Tour Guide started out with just about 11,000 tours. Now, it is a far richer experience with nearly 1 million user-generated Panoramio photos for the locations to give you a better idea of a specific place. To add to the feeling of being there, the new tours combine 3D flyovers, and Wikipedia snippets along with the selected photos. So, you can learn more about the place while doing a flyby over it.

As Google says, the latest update makes it a more immersive experience.

Source: Google Earth


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