Google Currents 2.0 Hits The App Store With Improved UI, Breaking News & Other Goodies [Updates]

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Currents, Google’s news-reading app, has received a significant facelift, and is now on the same page as other iOS apps from Google such as Gmail 2.0 and Google Maps. The new Currents includes vertical scrolling through different articles in the same publication, and the previously available horizontal scrolling will now switch between publications.

In addition, Currents now sports a sidebar for quick scanning of your favorite publications within different categories, and a Breaking Stories section with the latest news stories as ranked by Google News. All this comes in a somewhat different basic UI, which offers better integration with sharing and bookmarking services and, according to Google, increased performance and sync speeds.

Another important feature which has thus far been missing is the ability to save a story for later. With Currents 2.0, you can star your favorite stories and come back to them again and again. As compatibility goes, it’s bad news for 1st generation iPad owners or anyone who’s been too lazy to upgrade iOS. That’s right, the new version of Currents requires iOS 6, so if you want to take it for a spin, you’re going to have to upgrade your device.

Currents was a solid news reader prior to the update, and should now be even easier to use and navigate through. The update is currently available only for iOS, but we can hope for a similar update for Android soon (hopefully not Android 4.2 only).

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Download Currents 2.0 from the App Store.

Did you get a chance to try the new Currents? What do you think?

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Jason Malone

Love this program. I have installed it on my tablet and use it often.


Scott Hilderbran

This is making me want it. Google seems to be adopting the same UI changes across all there IOS apps. I love it, it looks clean and professional.

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