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In recent years tropical storms have caused a lot of damage. Therefore tools that track the path of such destructive hurricanes are greatly useful. The current tropical storm that seems to be heading to mainland is Hurricane Isaac. Here to track its path is the Google Crisis Map.

prepare for hurricane

Google Crisis Map is a helpful online map that can be used to track the current potential crisis: Hurricane Isaac. The map shows the path as well as the impact region of the hurricane. You can place your mouse pointer on the markers in Isaac’s path and you can see the expected wind conditions in that region.

google crisismap,

On the right side of the map you can choose select / deselect additional markers such as relevant YouTube videos, active shelters, webcams, etc.


In conclusion, the Google Crisis Map is a highly useful online tool from which people can get warnings and advice regarding their own neighborhoods.


  • A user-friendly web service
  • Tracks the path of Hurricane Isaac
  • Predicts weather conditions in the path of the hurricane
  • Shows various types of markers such as webcams and YouTube videos

Check out Google Crisis Map @

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