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You might be aware of a tool called Google Trends that shows search trends for a particular query over a certain period of time. The way Google Trends works is that you enter the query and it’ll show you the corresponding graph and figures. Google Correlate is the reverse of that. Here you are the one that draws the graph, and once you hit the ‘Correlate’ button, Google will show you the search queries that followed that trend.

So if you want to know the queries whose search traffic dipped in July and then rose exponentially in September, this will come in handy.

search trends

The tool is currently experimental and therefore may not be that accurate. The results can also be downloaded to your computer as a CSV file for further analysis.


  • Search trends over time by drawing the graph.
  • Download results as CSV file.
  • Reverse of Google Trends.

Check out Google Correlate @


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