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Google Cloud Print is a new service by Google that lets you connect your printer to the cloud and print from anywhere, any computer or smartphone which can connect to the Internet. To use it, you will need the developer version of Google Chrome, which has the Google Cloud Print connector that you can activate. Google Cloud Print uses your Google account to assign a server to store print jobs. It then sends them to the printer that you initially connected with that server during the setup.

It’s only available for Windows computers at the moment, and is still in its early phase so you should not expect it to work perfectly.

print from anywhere

Google says that the steps one should take to print using Google Cloud Print will vary from program to program. In Chrome OS, one can use the “Print” option in the menu to print using cloud print. Similarly, in an Android app it could be a different setting. While you can connect any number of printers, they recommend that you don’t connect more than 3 devices.


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