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In the mobile arena, many will agree that Android offers the best online syncing experience. The latest Froyo release offers the fastest mobile browser on the market, Flash, and syncing with Google services. The Google Chrome to Phone Extension is another great tool to make your Android browsing much more convenient. This Chrome extension lets you seamlessly send information like links, maps, texts, and contact numbers to your Android device.

send links from chrome to android

To use Google Chrome to Phone Extension, you will need to download and install both the Chrome extension from the extension gallery and the “Chrome to Phone” app from Android Market. Once installed, you can send links and other contextual information from the active page to your phone by clicking a button in the navigation bar. You can then view your information that you sent in your phone’s variety of apps. For example, YouTube links will automatically launch in the YouTube App, and map links will open in Google Maps.

This Android feature requires Froyo (Android 2.2) to work. This tool is a great addition for those who need to push their links from their desktop to their phone so that they can read it on-the-go.

send links to android


  • Send links to Android mobile browser.
  • Google Maps links launch the Google Maps app.
  • YouTube links launch the YouTube app.
  • Selecting phone numbers in Web pages, launches the dialer with the number pre-populated.
  • Selected text populates the Android clipboard (long-press on text boxes to get paste option).

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