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Probably the best online calendar and Task-management tool. Simple, quick and has everything an average person may wish for: speed, simple design, and lots of useful features.


  • View calendar by day/week/month/…
  • Create multiple calendars and share them with others (coworkers, friends, family, etc)
  • Let others not only view but also add entries to your calendar. Very convenient for project teams
  • Upcoming Event reminders: get notified by email OR mobile text messages
  • Subscribe to calendars of others and view next to your own
  • Well-implemented Gmail integration
  • Search Calendars
  • Natural language event entry: Typing ‘dinner on March 13 with Susan’ will create ‘dinner with Susan’ on March 13

Visit Google Calendar

  1. Mike Turner
    July 19, 2007 at 12:25 pm

    I love google cal. I also love that they opened up their API so that companies can make wicked apps that improve and already awesome calendar.

    I use Calgoo for offline access
    I use GooSync for sync with my mobile
    I use Remember The Milk for tasks

    And there always seems to be another app coming out that makes use of this. Some suck, some show promise, and some are awesome.


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