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Google’s email service, Gmail, already allows users to display status updates, and now Google is going more social with Google Buzz. Integrated within Gmail, Google Buzz lets users to display status updates, share photos, videos and links with friends.

Similar to Twitter, you can follow users and vice versa. When you launch Google Buzz for the first time, Google auto-suggests some friends to follow and lets you add more by searching through names or email addresses. You can decide to make your post public or private, and share stuff from other sites like Picasa, YouTube and Flickr. The more you use Buzz, the smarter it gets about what to display and what to hide.

google buzz


  • Display status updates to your friends.
  • Share links, photos and videos.
  • Control whom you share stuff with.
  • Buzz within your Gmail or over the phone.
  • Comment on content shared by others.
  • Get notified by email about new posts.

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