Google Buzz Posts Will Be Automatically Transferred To Google Drive In July [Updates]

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Google’s former try on a social network, Buzz, has gone through a slow, painful death behind closed doors, and it seems as if Google has finally decided to officially pull the plug on the service. After being unavailable to the general public for a year, Google announced on Saturday that all Google Buzz posts will be moved to Google Drive.

The transition will begin on July 17, and all personal data will be transferred to former Buzz users’ Drive account. However, this data will not count against the individual user’s storage limit, so you don’t have to worry about going over quota.

As of right now, files will be sent over in two waves. The first set will be private, and will include public and private Buzz posts the user has created. The second set will be public, containing the user’s public Buzz posts and available to anyone who has the link.

This second set of posts will be available in Google Search and also on Google Profiles if a user’s Buzz account is linked to it. However, sharing settings of these posts are up to the author. Comments made on past Buzz posts will be saved to the author’s Drive rather than the commenter. Google has expressed that users should delete their Buzz content now if they do not wish for it to appear publicly in the future.

As a final note, all Buzz content, once it’s on Google Drive, can be downloaded, updated, or deleted like any other Drive content.

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How do you feel about the Buzz transition to Google Drive? Do you have enough control over your Buzz content?

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David Moreira

Just Google cleaning up the house.

Joshua Lockhart

Seems like it. From a personal perspective, they seem to be acting as responsible as they can be.

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