Google Brings Street View To The Amazon Forest & Its Communities [Updates]

amazon streetview 300   Google Brings Street View To The Amazon Forest & Its Communities [Updates]Following the launch of Street View for the Great Barrier Reef, Google has announced a similar project, this time in the Amazon. After exploring the Amazon forest and communities on their famous tripod, Google are now releasing the Amazon Street View project, which includes over 50,000 images, stitched together to create 360-degrees panoramic views.

The project is a joint venture of Google and the Amazonas Sustainable Foundation (FAS), and is aimed at bringing the natural landscapes of Amazon reserves, as well as its communities, into the public eye in a way that’s never been done before. Many of these Amazon reserves are restricted to the public by the Brazilian government, so this project could reveal to researchers and amateur explorers alike parts of the Amazon into which they could not venture otherwise.

amazon street view   Google Brings Street View To The Amazon Forest & Its Communities [Updates]

You can visit the gallery for some of the best scenery images, or explore Google Maps for glimpses of various areas of the Amazon, the lives of the local communities who live there, and even some of the local wildlife, if you’re lucky.

The project was launched on World Forest Day, and provides a great way to get to know one of the world’s largest and most famous forests, without leaving your armchair. If you’re curious, you can also watch this video, and find out more about how projects like this are getting done.

Source: Official Google Blog

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Can I just say that it must have been a pretty amazing job just going around getting all the photos for this. What a job! I wonder what the plan was for collecting all these photos.

Yaara Lancet

As far as I know, the plan was just this. To create the Google Street View project. I’m sure they can use the images for other purposes, but I think this was the main purpose of the project.